Flight compensation – what you deserve as an airline passenger

When you are at an airport and experience inconveniences because of the airline, you should always remember that you have rights. No one has the right to let you wait for hours for a delayed flight that the airline could have avoided. Luckily for you, you do not have to let the airline get away with it. Here is some basic information about what your rights are as an airline passenger and when you can get compensation.

Getting Help

If you already know that you are entitled to compensation, what is next? You can go ahead and try to file a compensation request on your own. You can find information about it on the airline’s website or ask the airline directly by going there or calling them. You just need to follow the steps, prepare all the requirements, etc. However, this can be a bit tedious and you might be unsure of what to do.

Thankfully, it can be easily done with airclaim.com. Airclaim takes all the hard work of filing a compensation claim request from your hands and gets the job done quickly. Simply visit their website and give them any information that they need – once you hit submit, you just wait for them to tell you that they got your compensation from the airline!

The Basics to Flight Delay

Flight delays are the most common reasons why people get airline compensation – however, the flight delay has to fall under very specific circumstances for you to get compensated. For instance, a flight that would travel 3500 kilometers could give you 600 euros back if it is delayed, but only if the delay was longer than 3 hours. If you waited for specifically 2 hours and 59 minutes for your flight – you can say goodbye to that money.

The flight delay also has to be caused by certain reasons otherwise you could not be entitled to compensation. For instance, extraordinary circumstances are situations that caused a flight delay or cancellation that were not within the airline’s control. Sudden snowstorms, thick fog, etc. all fall under extraordinary circumstances and they will not compensate you for that delay. If you are lucky, you might be given free food and drink after waiting for 2 hours but getting money back from a delayed flight due to extraordinary circumstances is not possible.

However if the flight delay was caused by a problem that was within the airline’s control and could have been avoided, then you are entitled to compensation. For example, every flight gets inspected by a team to make sure that everything would run smoothly but they found something that needs to be repaired. Typically, this falls within the airline’s control and you may file for compensation. But again, you have to remember that it still has to fall under certain amounts of time, distance, etc., to make sure you are entitled to get compensated.

Getting compensated for the issues that you faced at an airport is your right as a passenger. If you feel like the airline was at fault, you should get compensation right away.